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In 2012, several start-ups exchanged banners on our websites to help each other get new clients and promote our businesses for free.

with each passing day, more start-ups joined our network. The network quickly grew, and the number of members was so many it became difficult to equally, fairly, and efficiently exchange advertising on our websites.

And then we came up with the idea to automate the advertising exchange system with an introduction of the settings to allow the most efficient obtaining of target customers for free.

That is how we founded the Customer Trader Network.

CTN is very simple - show ads of the other businesses on the pages of your website, and other businesses will show your ads to their customers through their websites.

CTN team worked on the system to ensure a fair sharing of clients without fraud. Also, we are using an encrypted (TLS/SSL) HTTPS connection to protect network traffic.

More details how works CTN can be found on other pages of this website.

CTN Team.